Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Pilates by Greg

Happy New Year

The New Year comes in with new resolutions and new goals. Maybe it is just a change we would like to make in our lives. But in any case, it is a time of reflecting on the past and moving forward.

Joseph Pilates said, “Every moment in our lives can be the beginning of great things.” Of course this holds true always, but especially as we enter the New Year. This also holds very true every time we set foot onto the mat or any of the apparatus to begin our practice. We lower ourselves down to go through what or may not be familiar exercises and begin to work on our bodies. For many teachers the mat may feel like home but to a beginner there is a huge risk of the unknown. Maybe today will be the day that you finally get that exercise you’ve been working on for months or maybe a certain cue will completely change how an exercise feels in your body and you will have “Aha” moment.

We work on the six Pilates principles of breath, precision, flow, concentration, centering and control. I invite you to take the time to investigate each of these principles not only in your practice but in your life.

Breath: Breathe helps you not only to get through an exercise and make it easier it will help you to alleviate stress to face those trying times.

Precision: We work with precision to create efficiently in movement and to remove an extraneous movement. Work with precision in relationship to your goals and life. Eliminate all of those extraneous stressors.

Flow: Using our transitions between exercises again we create efficiency to create a seamless flow between movements. Life will continue to flow with you or without you. We may as well try to enjoy the ride.

Concentration: We work on concentration not only to get the most out of every single exercise but also to work on the order of exercises so that we are constantly working our minds as well. Working on that mind-body connection. Improved concentration will help you to achieve your specific goals and help you to be more efficient in your job as well.

Centering: In our practice, our moment stem from a strong center or our “Powerhouse.” Working from the inside out is a common mantra. In our personal lives, we want to stay centered to avoid excessive stress and to keep us focused.

Control: As Romana said, “And the control part is the most important because that makes you use your mind.” I mean Joe did name the method Contrology after all. On the mat, we take control of our movement and our body. Off the mat it is up to you to take that sense of power and control into your life. Pilates makes you feel empowered to take CONTROL of your life.

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